Firearm Transfers

Tyler Firearms will help you take possession of a new or used firearm or suppressor as quickly and easily as possible, even if you don’t purchase it from us. Firearm transfers are done whenever our retail store is open for business – no appointment is necessary. We will help you complete all the necessary paperwork and conduct whatever background checks are required by law.

NOTE: This page is our official transfer price list. We will not honor any other website’s transfer fees.

If you are transferring a handgun, it MUST be listed on the Maryland Handgun Roster. If it is not listed, and the handgun is shipped to us, it will be returned to the sender without being transferred to you. Feel free to contact us to verify your gun is legal for transfer in Maryland.

  • If a transfer firearm (bought from somewhere else) is left untransferred for greater than thirty (30) days with no contact from you, it will become the property of Tyler Firearms, LLC.
  • For those that need the Maryland Handgun Qualification License training course, we can help there, too. See our Firearms Training website for more details.
  • If you decide to return your transfer firearm prior to taking possession of it, there is a $40 fee plus any applicable shipping charges to return the firearm to the seller.
  • There is a $50 fee for background check denials. If you think you are prohibited from owning firearms, check with an attorney or conduct your own background check prior to purchasing a firearm online. If you do not pass the background check, the gun will be returned to the seller who will most likely charge you anywhere from a 10%-25% restocking fee.

Long guns (non-regulated rifles and shotguns)

  • Standard Transfer Fee – $55.00
  • MDS, NRA, SAF, MSI, etc. members – $45.00
  • LE, Military, Firefighter, EMS – $35.00
  • Used long guns – $25.00

Regulated firearms (including regulated receivers and handguns)

  • Standard Transfer Fee – $55.00 + $10 MSP fee
  • MDS, NRA, SAF, MSI, etc. members – $45.00 + $10 MSP fee
  • LE, Military, Firefighter, EMS – $35.00 + $10 MSP fee
  • Used regulated firearms – $25.00 + $10 MSP fee

NFA Items: Suppressors, Machine Guns, etc.

  • Standard Transfer Fee – $149 + $200 ATF Fee
  • MDS, NRA, SAF, MSI, etc. members – $129.00 + $200 ATF Fee
  • LE, Military, Firefighter, EMS – $109.00 + $200 ATF Fee
  • Used NFA Items – $89.00 + $200 ATF Fee
  • Any Transfer Valued at Over $10,000 – contact us for details

Sign in or create an account to start the transfer process. We’ll send our license information to the seller and keep you informed of the progress of your transfer. Keep in mind that we sometimes get very busy in the store and may not be able to process your request immediately. Rest assured that we will process your request as soon as we possibly can.