White Social Justice Warriors are Branding the NRA a “White Supremacist Organization”

While I firmly believe that racism should be called out when it is happening, many “Social Justice Warriors” like to throw the “White Supremacist” label around where it does not belong. Here is an example of a white social justice warrior spreading lies of white supremacy groups: https://cd13.lacity.org/news/city-council-approves-ordinance-requiring-city-contractors-and-subsidiaries-disclose-nra-ties
He claimed that the NRA is a white supremacist group. I guess he has never heard of African-American attorney and NRA TV spokesman Colion Noir, who has had his own NRA show for seven seasons.
This race baiter in LA ignored the fact that 40% of the NRA membership is composed of non-whites. If the NRA is a white supremacy group, they’re doing a lousy job of it.
Additionally, I am an NRA pistol instructor and Life Member with Maryland handgun instructor credentials who has been teaching firearms classes for Arimus Training for four years. My classes are typically made up of 35% to 60% people of color. The class I taught on February 23rd had five African Americans, four white people, and included three women (two of them were African-American). The class I taught on February 25th was all Latino and included one student that needed a translator. At Tyler Firearms and Arimus Training, we support the NRA and the dignity of all people, regardless of race, creed, sex, sexuality, or disability. To me, that shows that the NRA is neither racist nor sexist. Yet, Los Angeles wants to discriminate against businesses by banning LA from doing business with them simply because of their affiliation with a civil rights group (because the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution, an organization that fights for those rights is a civil rights organization). Imagine if an entire county barred doing business with companies that supported the NAACP, the Democrat party, or any other law-abiding group that supports a cause that they don’t like? It would be spread as a major scandal across all media outlets.