EasyPay Layaway Program

Our EasyPay Layaway Program is a payment plan based on your income and spending habits.  There are NO CREDIT CHECKS, but verification of your ability to pay is done when you apply.  Terms range from 3-9 months, and the maximum amount you can finance is $3500.

Our EasyPay Layaway Program is for IN-STORE PURCHASES ONLY at our retail gun store in Maryland.  It does NOT apply to website or online purchases.

This program costs you FAR LESS than any credit card.  It is not a lease or rent-to-own.  You own what you buy, which is the way it should be.

The entire application process is normally completed within a few hours, so you'll know your spending limit quickly.  The application consists of basic identifying information.  Your bank will provide recent activity, including payroll direct deposit information - no need to upload pay stubs or bank statements.

Payments are collected by ACH (direct debit) so you don't have to remember to make a payment.  Prior to each payment, you will receive an email notification that a payment is coming due.

Down payments can range from 10-25%, depending on the term you choose (the longer the term, the higher the initial payment).  There are NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTIES - you can pay it off any time you want.

There is no application fee, and you must earn at least minimum wage.  The deciding factor is not how much money you make, but how you manage your money.